Friday, 11 June 2010

Selfridges too.

I thought it about time Erbie and I revisited Selfridges to find the other 3 elephants having already counted this one in the basement next to the Elephant Parade shop where one can buy mini elephants, I want to get one for Erbie but just can’t decide on which one! If I had the inclination I could bid on one of these big ones too at :

50: Heavens Haathi by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

I found The Emerald Queen elephant by Sabine Roemer wearing a 678 carat emerald and sitting in front of the Rolex section on the ground floor. Yours for a reserve price of £90,000.

216: The Emerald Queen. Sponsor: Haulage Heroes, Eco Movers. Location: Selfridges (WEM #100 - yay!)

217: The Spirit of India by Sacha Jafri, Sponsor Disney Theatrical.
(WEM #101)

249: Spooning Sunday by Claire Snell and Tory Bauer.
(WEM #102)
Her back is covered in the tips of vintage souvenir spoon handles from all over the world.

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