Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Teething rings. First tear.

Having searched high and low for the mythical water / gel filled teething rings all over the west end, my doctor suggested I try Mothercare, which is at Marble Arch. I duly walked there with Erbie in the Baby Bjorn and thankfully found a plethora of teething rings, squares, triangles, even hand shapes. Also a very first toothbrush, very cute, Brandishing my Mothercare gift card I paid to oohs and ahhs about Erbie's body warmer from the cashier.
It had taken a good hour half hour to walk the length of Oxford, well march the length of Oxford Street and I'd hoped Erbie would fall asleep at his regular nap time 12.30, but he must have been hungry as he didn't fall asleep, but started to cry.
I admit, I had left Mothercare for a quick shufty round Primark, it would have been rude not to. I rushed back to Mothercare's baby changing room, only to find a poor new mother rocking a screaming tot, and what with Erbie and his empathetic crying, they set him off just as he was starting to feed. I gathered us up and slipped across to the empty changing room I'd spotted on the way down. One tear rolled across his nose as he settled into feeding. He fell asleep, love him, but woke up when I got up, no more tears though. I took him smiling over to finish my shopping and managed to get a frock and some shoes. We then got a number 98 bus back down to Tottenham Court Road and home to smooth butternut squash.

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