Monday, 26 October 2015

I got my allotment! POST from 30th August.

All mine
On 30th August the allotment officially became mine.

My greenhouse
This is how it was looking by the end of Summer.

Aubergines and tomatoes in the greenhouse.
Tommy a toes
Runner bean wigwams did well this year.

Pound shop runner beans
I inherited some artichokes and lots of borage which has self-seeded everywhere.



Aubergine flower

This was early on in the Summer, I got given lettuce seedlings, bean plants and the aubergine by friendly fellow allotmenteers.
Early Summer

Chocolate cosmos

James Grieves apple
I'm in the process of trying to dig out a tree stump.

Tree stump to go

This was at the end of May, I cleared a strip where the artichokes were.

This is when I got it, slightly unloved but still perfect.

With a handy water supply.

An apple tree - James Grieves variety.

I have used these bits of wood to make a compost heap.

I was rather overgrown, I found a path around the greenhouse!

There is a path under this grass!

This is a cherry tree, I've planted wild strawberries and forget-me-nots underneath now.


Borage under the apple tree.

apple and borage


This is a gooseberry bush!

And a wonderful fig.

Artichokes before being cleared of grass.

artichoke being strangled by grass


Comfrey great for making liquid fertiliser.

My plans keep changing, but presently I'm leaning towards a peonie and rose bed interplanted with kale.

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Mo said...

Such progress! A beauty of an allotment.

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