Sunday, 21 February 2016

Valentine in Muswell Village

Tongue firmly planted in cheek with the title here. I realise I never really take much notice of the places I grew up in, I guess familiarity really does breed contempt. I decided to be a bit of a tourist in my own manor and see what caught my eye.

Firstly the shops on Muswell Hill Broadway. Everfresh is always good for big bunches of coriander and flat-leaf parsley, halva, hummus, harissa and fresh fruit and veg.

Everfresh, Muswell Hill

Maison Blanc for bottles of french lemonade, the annual Galette des Rois for Epiphany and cakes.

Maison Blanc - Muswell Hill

You can see across London on a clear day from the Broadway. 

Muswell Hill overlooking London

Cute flats above Marks & Spencer.

Marks & Spencers Muswell Hill

Crocodile Cafe is very child friendly with outdoor seating and a new pizza oven.

Crocodile Cafe Muswell Hill

Martyn's is a Muswell Hill institution, their coffee grinder is usually chuntering away in the front window of a Saturday, and the freshly ground coffee is excellent. They also stock all types of loose ingredients from dried fruit and nuts to coffee beans.  Quaintly the original old fashioned till is still in use and one collects change through a cubby hole.

Martyn's Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill bakery makes excellent kosher cheesecake.

Muswell Hill Bakery

The Sable D'or around the corner on Muswell hill Broadway have scrummy croissant.

Sabel D'or Muswell Hill

Carluccios had Valentine's biscuits in the window,

Carluccios Muswell Hill

along with the usual fantastic giant meringues.

Carluccio's Muswell Hill

There is now a Cote brasserie too.

Cote brasserie - Muswell Hill

The Cheese shop on Fortis Green Road had made an effort with their Valentine themed window.

The Cheese Shop - Muswell Hill

The Bike shop has a sign made with an old bicycle chain.

Muswell Hill bike shop

Florists on Fortis Green Road

Florist in Muswell Hill

Valentine's Day Roses in Muswell Hill

Florist Muswell Hill

And the bespoke Jewellery store - Tomfoolery

Tomfoolery window

Birchwood mansions is a listed Arts and Crafts mansion block.

Birchwood Mansions - Muswell Hill

A pretty box hedge front garden.

London front garden - Muswell Hill

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