Sunday, 14 June 2009

What's in your bag?

Thanks to Fabulous at Forty’s blog, and her ‘contents of my bag’ posting. Things like this get me unreasonably excited. I carry an unfeasibly small bag, always have done. When Erbie was really tiny, I even managed to get a nappy in there! So here is this months bag of choice. I’ve put some Cooks matches there for scale!

2 prescriptions for Erbie – unfilled, John Bell & Croydon awaits
Coin purse containing shrapnel, a button and 3 50p stamps for the States.
Oyster card and wallet containing:
6 first class stamps
2 return tickets to Richmond from 2008
Ham polo club guest sticker from 2008
Dior Nude foundation sample
YMCA receipt for shoes and scarf
Soho Wine Supply receipt for vodka
Louis Vuitton Red Card Wallet containing:
Westminster Library Card
NatWest Credit Card
NatWest Cash Card
NHS Maternity Exemption Card
Liberty Loyalty Card
Mothercare Voucher Card
Boots Advantage Card
Tesco Clubcard
Business cards, mine, clients
Chelsea Physic Garden Membership Card
Left Handers Address Book
Set of Endangered Plant stamps
Keys to new flat, not yet a keyring
Mobile Phone
USB fob
Some fluff
2 hairpins
and my camera, which I love - a gift from The GR, not shown for obvious reasons.

You see philaterly will get you anywhere.

Now, your go....


Looking Fab in your forties said...

OMG - I wish I could manage with such a small bag! and kinda wish I hadn't just tipped the contents of it in the middle of the floor when I did my post!

Anonymous said...

Am impressed by the size of your bag, I can only ever mange this at weddings!

redfox said...

Wow! This is really impressive. You should offer seminars in Making the Most of a Miniscule Bag. (My computer's spell check does not believe in the existence of the word "miniscule" but it this is obviously sheer foolishness.)

GingerB said...

Your bag is so dainty! Apparently, my bag is huge. I hope this doesn't relate to the size of my rear end, or something, like what you hear about a man's hands, etc.

westendmum said...

I think the size of one's bag must relate to the size of ones brain, said a very small brained bear. As to the contents, well.

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