Sunday, 21 June 2009

Rash reaction to Amoxicillin

Inspired by BelgianWaffling’s breakfast image of sunlight and yogurt, (click title above for link) that I thought looked divine in spite Jaywalkers endeavours of self-depreciation, I started the day with Greek yogurt, yeast and egg white free.

However, I should have know the day wouldn’t go well when The GR started drinking at 9.24a.m, yes a.m. Erbie seemed quite perky on waking despite his ear infection and I duly gave him his 4th 2.5ml dose of Amoxicillin at 6.15a.m. As the day progressed he started to look a bit peaky and rubbing his head a lot. On changing his nappy we noticed a red rash on his stomach and his fever had returned. I called NHS direct on 0845 4647 they took his details and said a nurse would call back. A kind nurse did indeed call back and I had to answer the scary meningitis questions i.e.: Is he floppy? Does he have a stiff neck? Is he shying away from light? Does the rash look like bruising under his skin? Does he have a different or unusual cry to normal? Thankfully all these were no, but he did have a runny bottom and this alarming rash. She advised me to go and see a pharmacist to check the rash. Just before the phone conversation I’d been nursing Erbie, and he’d falled asleep, so I lay down beside him and we slept together. When he woke I duly took him to the big Boots on the corner of Tottenham Court Road. A young pharmacist ushered us into a consulting room and I showed her Erbies rash under his Elvis vest. She instructed me to stop giving him the Amoxicillin, and possibly any penicillin in the future. Usually any reaction is immediate, but because the dosage is so small it had taken a few days to show up. I mentioned him rubbing his head a lot and she told me headaches were also a side effect – poor mite. So back home for many cuddles.

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