Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Things you should only really buy if you're a mum

Bag closers.
I always wondered why people had these, now I know, my cupboard is full of half eaten packets of baby cereal, rusks, mini rice cakes - things in short that go soggy if left exposed for a milisecond. I knew I'd entered motherhood when I purchased a bag full recently at Ikea. Bevara 30x bag closers 20 small and 10 large, for a ridiculously cheap price, that doesn't register when Ikea shopping.
Pureed broccoli pear and peas, have you ever tried pureeing peas - it is not possible, I'm telling you.

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Anonymous said...

the answer, my friend, is a Beaba Babycook. They puree everything and cook things fast and there is no mess. If you are going to have another bebbe then get one PRONTO!

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