Friday, 19 June 2009

9 months and still no pushchair.

No more Baby Bjorn. Boo!
I got one of these. Yay!
It's a Hippychick Hipseat from John Lewis or their website, it's basically a large belt that velcro's round your waist then clips together with a filled bum bag type seat that the baby sits astride facing in, or legs jangling in a jolly way facing out. The only draw back I've found is it's not as hands free as the front carrier, so I'm fixing him in with a nattily tied scarf! The beauty of it is, that your back stays completely straight, whereas when I stick him on my hip I lean to the side. It's very comfortable, so far I've been to Tavistock Sqaure and back, shopping in Waitrose - Bruswick and whisked to the doctors. I'm not sure how well it would do on a really long walk, there maybe some chafing, but really long walks should involve rests and snackerels - no?


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