Thursday, 9 July 2009

Mother in law blues

We are seriously considering ex-communicating The GR's mother. She has been twisting and turning us around her little finger for so long now we are quite literally sick and tired of it. A break would do us all good. And you never know my colitis and the GRs black moods may subside.


Liberty London Girl said...

Personally am in big favour of just not communicating with those who behave badly. I loathe scenes, just like to fade out quietly until current object of irritation/loathing suddenly looks up one day to discover you are no longer in their life.

Cowardly but v successful on whole, I find. Obv not so simple with relative but even gentle period of ignoring can work wonders). I'm all for the quiet life me. LLGxx

westendmum said...

Thank-you LLG.

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