Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Lego less no longer

We bought Erbie his first lego at the weekend, having checked on the lego website, we went for a starter pack of Duplo (larger lego pieces for the under 3’s). It comes in a smart green tub that is just as good a toy as the bricks within. There are also two flowers, a pussy cat and a window. Hamleys on Saturday mornings is not advisable but if you do, the basement is the place for most of the lego. We got all this for £11.00 a bargain as on the lego site it's £12.69.

Image: lego.com

On the way back we stopped on Foubert's Place to have a quick look at the final day of ‘Sorry you missed the sixties’, an exhibition by Philip Townsend. Great black and white photos of the Rolling Stones (The GR’s favourite) and some lovely shots of Charlotte Rampling, Twiggy and les enfants terrible of the era. Philip Townsend was there and The GR surprised him by naming the street (Edith Street in Chelsea), where one particular picture of the Rolling Stones was taken, he happened to know that’s where Mick Jagger lived in the sixties.

Image: philiptownsend.com

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

Glad I missed the sixties otherwise I would be even older now!

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