Saturday, 25 July 2009

Baby Brain - Mum Dumbdom

This is apparently common after having a baby, one’s brain turns to mush. It can last for weeks or years.
The soon-to-leave landlord in the pub opposite told me his mother had it for 21 years.

Baby brain incidents this week:
Went to Family Planning Clinic for coil fitting, got Erbie asleep, The GR primed, took pain-killers, walked to surgery – the appointment was for the next day.
Took Erbie to post office to collect parcel with no proof of address, or ID. A complete stranger vouched for me.
Went to buy The GR some form of condolence present for being absent minded – without wallet.
Went to shops for nappies and lunch came back with washing up liquid.
Went to shops for beer (GR condolence again) came back with lunch.
Couldn’t work out what to feed baby or grown-ups for most of week, due to lack of provisions.
Forgot to send card for sister’s birthday.
Forgot keys - twice, once when I had to let a plumber in, who then had to come back later.

Have complete lack of organisation, leading to unecessary levels of stress and more mum dumbdom.

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Anonymous said...

oh dear - you are not pregnant again are you? Anyway, brains do come back, but i think not til offspring at university

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