Sunday, 2 May 2010

Growing nearer

Thank you all for your lovely supportive comments on my last post.

I'm happy to say we are due to exchange on Tuesday, everything going according to plan and a new contract having been drawn up with the original purchase price reinstated. This all happened relatively quickly after lots of phone calls and the Grandad (Belle Mere's ex) getting involved, he had to sweeten the medicine with a promise to take her to the theatre! SimOliver on Twitter made an educated remark, that perhaps Belle Mere's behaviour was all for attention. This may well be the case; she hates being left out of the loop or not to be Queen bee as it were. The trouble is I don't much feel like giving her attention presently.

Focusing on new pastures ahead I am indeed thinking window boxes and growing things, there is a small un-fenced balcony in the flat we are buying, well more like a large windowsill really, although I used to get out there and sunbathe hidden from the bus -stop behind my wooden wine boxes of herbs (in my twenties)!

I came across this site for living walls, which is inspiring, perhaps in the kitchen...


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Metropolitan Mum said...

Hooray! Fingers crossed for the exchange, and I am pleased to hear that the originally agreed price has been reinstated. Not long to go now.

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