Friday, 14 May 2010

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum on Exhibition Road is one of our favourite places to visit for an hour, and it is FREE. Sadly most of the Victorian specimen collections are not on view, I wanted to show Erbie trays of beetles. He was content to look at all the stuffed birds and the mammal room has reopened with its life-sized model animal collection, which involved lots of pointing and naming. Erbie will say rhinosaurus but not elephant - go figure?

Plus of course, duck.

and now, Dodo.

and giraffe and whale,

and dinosaur.

(Good dinosaurs in the shop).


teawithonesugarplease said...

I was appalled that Ching ching the panda so beloved of London zoo is stuffed and sat near the canteen. Did you see?

Metropolitan Mum said...

Have you been at the butterfly exhibit? I really need to go again. Just hope little L doesn't freak out...

ThatGirl39 said...

Small Child is so looking forward to going here - the men folk are taking the kids in August whilst the women folk hit Westfield. Good result all round I think! x

westendmum said...

Yes, the GR was with his dad when we went and he remembered seeing him/her alive, poor moth eaten thing.

@Metropolitan Mum
Want to see butterflies very much, used to love butterfly farms as a kid, think Erbie might like them too. Haven't been yet...

Great idea and it is next door to Science Museum so lots to see. Have heard great things about Westfield, drove past the other day and didn't recognise a thing, even the tube has moved!

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