Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A morning walk in St James, London

St James’ is an area of London in Westminster inbetween Green Park and Piccadilly. Erbie and I walked it one sunny morning recently after partaking of the swings at St James Park (which are always shut early in the morning - but the fence is very low).

Here is what we saw...

Cross over in front of the palace,

Buckingham Palace that is, (here with wallflowers and tulips)

to Green Park,

walk up the near side of Green Park, nosing at lovely names, such as Milkmaids Passage...

...and private abodes.

Walk past the Ritz, and then turn right down St James.

Here is the back of aforementioned lovely abodes.

Turn down by Marco Pierre White’s, Wheelers restaurant.

And you will come across this small yard. Continue until you come out here...

St James’ Palace built in 1530 by Henry VIII no less. Nowadays used by various Royals including Prince Charles, (I guess Buck House can get pretty crowded).

Where’s the guard?

This was just across the road.
I love that you can walk up an obscure alley and find little gems like these windows painted with heraldic arms.

Back on St James, next to Berry Brothers (the famous alcohol seller), was another passageway I could not resist exploring.

Down here

Coming out here on a sweet courtyard.

There he is.

Which looked private, but

So after a relaxing bench sit within the secret confines of the railings.

Onwards. Nancy Astor lived here.

To Eros, Piccadilly Circus


Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

What a great little(?) walk around. You found so super secret little alleys and wonderful London buildings. Makes me a little homesick.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Thanks for the tour. Unless you live in London you don't see these little Gems of places.

Marie said...

I love your walking around London photos. You often walk around areas which are very close to my heart and it's so nice to see them in photos...

teawithonesugarplease said...

London is amazing first thing in the morning with no crowds to share. Did the Guard mind you papping him?

HelenSparkles said...

I love your walk of London because it reminds me of my London, & whilst this is not the most recent post, I wanted to comment here about how much I missed London when I left. I moved on my own for a job, I thought that was easier than it would be for people who had to uproot their family, but that was just silly. I'd never lived anywhere but London, & not only did I miss it terribly, but people kept telling me how much nicer it was here and how horrible London is. I felt like they were telling me my baby was ugly, but they didn't know my London, & now I have some great friends who relish our day trips & me showing them around. I don't want to hijack your blog, but know that you will find people like you, it just takes a bit of work. I used to sob on the M1 coming back after a visit, 2 years later I caught myself thinking I'd be glad when I got home, & it was home. You will have a home, & it will be lovely. rth it all.

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