Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday Roast

Swan & Edgar pub, 43 Linhope Street, Marylebone, London

Today after visiting the Farmers Market we went onto the Swan & Edgar pub for lunch and rather lovely it was too. A little out of the way but very close to Regent’s Park so perfect for a rewarding pint after a bracing walk.

Brought to you by the same people who gave us Bourne & Hollingsworth the cool basement bar on Rathbone Place. You may not know they are both named after London’s lost grand department stores. Bourne & Hollingsworth once stood on Oxford Street where the Plaza now is and Swan & Edgar was the vast building at the end of Regent’s Street that more recently housed Tower Records.

In this cute little pub quirky design makes for interesting surroundings with nice little touches such as candlelight fireplaces and a large vase of fresh purple scented stocks and cabbages. There is a bookish theme, the bar is made out of books and the walls of the upstairs room are lined with them. A mix match of chairs, some are covered in a papier maché of newspapers others in a patchwork of city gent material, brown corduroy, suiting, check shirting and I’m sure a a tie or two make for a comfortable dining.

The roasts on offer were:
Topside of beef or chicken with roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding and vegetables. For a very reasonable £10.

I had chicken mes amis had beef. It was very good. The yorkshire puddings were obviously made on site, the beef was tender, the gravy good, vegetables nicely presented and tasty - carrots and green beans, the roasties were all rapidly devoured. I got the best deal with the chicken, which although it arrived slightly underdone came back finished to perfection and it was half a small bird, succulent and flavoursome with herbs and a hint of lemony garlic. We shared a cheese plate too, worth the £7 petit portions of good cheeses rather than cumbersome blocks of soapy nothing. A Comte an Ossau, Bleu des Causse, Brie de Mieux and St Maure served with a very fresh baguette and grapes, which Erbie happily munched through.

They only had one beer on – Spitfire but it was well kept and a couple of lagers.

The staff were young and friendly, Sunday newspapers lay on tables ready to read, it was quiet and child friendly. I walked Erbie round the block a couple of times and he slept soundly for 2 hours on the corner of the banquette as we ate.

Swan & Edgar pub with its downstairs bar made from books.

This is the flooring in the loo!

WEM opinion: Charming, well worth a visit.


Marie said...

Ooh thanks for the tip! Sounds lovely. x

everybodysaysdont said...

Ooh looks good and tasty! x (thanks for info - I knew the Plaza was Bourne's, but I didn't know or had forgotten that Swan & edgar was there)

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