Sunday, 22 November 2009

Ghost Forest

today is the last chance to see Angela Palmer’s ghost forest project in Trafalgar Square running in conjunction with the UN summit on climate change, while Boris’ Christmas lights burn 24/7 up the road, bah humbug! Sorry, I do like the Christmas lights they are very pretty, but do they need to be on in the morning. Anyway I digress, 10 real rain forest stumps lay like giant tree carrion in the square, a chiling sight of what’s to come, oh whatever I’m off to the shops.

Angela Palmer’s ghost forest project in Trafalgar Square

All images ©WEM


saffron said...

wow that looks amazing and for any one living in the city a direct and shocking jolt. We live in Bali and I know its in the middle of what is happening but even so seeing the scale made me think. Great piece and thanks for sharing. I love your insights to motherhood. xx from the other side of the world.

westendmum said...

You live in Bali - WOW!
Thanks for reading.

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