Thursday, 5 November 2009

Mean Reds

I’m worried about my boys, baby boy and daddy boy and when I worry, I worry myself sick – literally, so my colitis has come back with a vengence. Daddy boy worries are nothing new, Belle Mere and work or lack there of, baby boy worry is probably completely unfounded but there you go. So, sorry if I haven’t been posting lately.

We have been doing nice things, Regents Park, Christmas lights, Kew Gardens and I have photos to share, but I’m feeling quiet or quietly feeling just at the moment.


Marie said...

Sorry to hear it, but hope those worries can be assuaged somehow and that the colitis goes again. I find it helps me to acknowledge that I'm worried and then I can work through why and what I can do about it. But I guess each person has their own techniques. My best wishes for you and your boys. x

everybodysaysdont said...

My best wishes too! Lots Of Lovexxx Hope you feel better soon, I'm sure you will x

Nobody Girl said...

I just got back from Avignon, France - and when looking around Palais des Papes I saw this

On closer inspection it was these!

Made me think of your blog because you used pics of them, hope it cheers you up :D

westendmum said...

@Marie & everybodysaysdont
Thanks ladies.
My fears have been assuaged. I took Erbie to the doctor (found lumps in his neck - leading to worrying). they are apparently 'shotty lymph nodes', so Calpol and treats.

@Nobody Girl
OMG! Thanks so much for showing me those. I used to live in Avignon, great to see Space Invader has got to Palais du Papes aswell. You really made me smile.

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