Thursday, 3 July 2014

Inspector Montalbano 1-4

Finding myself giddy at the prospect of an uninterrupted viewing of Inspector Montalbano, I had the shocking realisation that quite a few of us are destined to have the same taste in men as our mother-in-laws, like father like son and all that. I know the belle-mere also enjoys unadulterated sequences of Luca Zingaretti, oh god what could this mean our father-in-laws are thinking!

For those of you not in the know, Inspector Montalbano is an Italian TV series based on the novels of Andrea Camilleri set in and around the Sicilian town of Vigata, (not real) following the flawed yet adorable detective Salvo Montalbano. It is repeating on BBC4 as we speak!

Really this is just an excuse to post some pictures of Il Commissario, played by Italian actor, Luca Zingaretti.

Ah Salvo!

and Livia played by Katharina Bohm...
And of course I have also now fallen in love with Sicily. Where one can even take Montalbano Tours! 

And Mimi.

Casare Bocci who plays Mimi

And Fazio.
Peppino Mazzotta who plays Giuseppe Fazio
Ciao for now!

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