Thursday, 3 December 2009

Note to self.

Go here Craftacular .


Handpicked Collection said...

This looks completely brilliant, pricked fingers and all. I'll definitely be along to pick up some crafty tips. Tis the season to be frugally creative, after all.

westendmum said...

I know, I don't usually venture to Bethnal Green but I will make an exception for this...

littlebrownbird said...

Did you know @belgianwaffling will be there with her Arse Biscuits? Her shop/stand is Cruel Tea.


Jaywalker said...

Yes. Yes, come to craftacular and buy ARSE BISCUITS. And arse tea cosies and aprons and rude fridge magnets.

Also, we will have cocktails stashed under the table.

wv: Idownit

Why yes, I will be downing it.

angelsandurchinsblog said...

Loving that. I adore Christmas and all that goes with it, especially the ornaments and decorations. Being able to create some new stuff, possibly even with the children in tow, sounds a great idea.

westendmum said...

I did indeedy know that Mme Jaywalker would be there a little Weebirdy told me (or rather I read).

I am especially looking forward to cunt biscuits and tea laced with crochet.

A friend and I did a car boot with under the table cocktails once, much more fun but meant the proceeds got spent on a slap up meal and more drinking afterwards.

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