Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Catch-up in brief

The Grandad is here which is jolly, having a grandparent for Christmas that is pleasant to be around and easy going. Sadly he is here because he has left his second wife (mother-in-law number 2). So things are a little cramped but cosy. Erbie is loving it. The Belle Mere has made contact via text and has gone away for Christmas and New Year and Epiphany, so all quiet on the Western front as it were. We got a Christmas tree in a pot from Covent Garden which was great fun. The GR carried it back and got mud all down his new coat. I decorated it in gifted baubles, fondant icing stars, black angels and birds. I'll take some photos later. I managed to get Christmas cards made and sent, not very seasonal but hey. My best friend from the States came to visit and met Erbie for the first time, she has a mane of golden hair so he roared quite a bit in her presence. She came bearing wonderful gifts and we spent some time feeding ducks in Regents Park and wandering around our old haunts on Marylebone High  Street. I've managed to do some Christmas shopping, still have mince pies to make...


avagdro said...

Thank you for sharing the Xmas event.Wish you a joyful Merry Christmas n New Year ahead.

Keep Smiling!
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Marie said...

Love the idea of Erbie roaring at your friend. Glad all is well, I was a little concerned at your quietness! Wishing you all the best for Christmas. X x

Z said...

Oh dear - relationships don't necessarily get easy just because you're getting older. You've done a lot better than I have, I bought the Christmas cards and wrote exactly four. Three of those were to go with presents so there was no avoiding them. I'm useless, but it minimises stress once you embrace it.

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