Saturday, 5 December 2009

Barbie dollface

OMG Christian Louboutin has designed a Barbie doll, now there’s a doll Actionman or hell even batman wouldn’t mind sharing a shelf with. This ‘Cat Burglar’ Barbie comes with four pairs of her own mini sized red-soled Louboutins complete with their own dust bag and shoebox. She’s a collecters item but I’d just have to play with those shoes. You can get her from for £100, the only way anyone would be able to get 4 pairs of Louboutins for £100 anyday – unless you know differently of course.


westendmum said...

She done sold out already - pah!

That's Not My Age said...

Oh we'll just have to wait for Louboutin for H&M then.

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