Monday, 11 August 2014

Centre Point Building London, Tottenham Court Road

Centre Point skyscraper opened in 1966
I’ve always wanted to see the views from the top of Centre Point in London’s West End on the corner of New Oxford Street, WC1, especially now, during the building of Crossrail. There’s a big Crossrail building site directly below which is a point of entry for all the work going on. As well as upgrading the original station at Tottenham Court Road (which has been there 100 years or more) they are in the process of building a new station the size of three football pitches underground.

Erbie and I were up and out plus the sun was shining so I thought we’d give it a go. Because of all the Crossrail works the entrance to the Paramount, the roof top restaurant at Centre Point keeps moving. We got in by stairs next to the tube entrance. At busy times you need to book but if like us you happen to be there in the morning you might get lucky and be allowed up, (after signing in at reception).

The lift goes directly to the 32nd floor where the views didn’t let us down and it was time for elevenses anyway. The staff were very friendly and directed us to the viewing gallery on the 33rd floor (only accessible by stairs) with stunning 360 degree views.

Crossrail site at Tottenham Court Road
We sat in the corner of Paramount bar on the 32nd floor of Centrepoint and enjoyed the August views. The Crossrail site was directly below.

The trees are Soho Square 
Soho Square was clearly beyond the site, where laser monitors have been set up on the corner of buildings to check regularly for any movement or sinking from the huge tunnel being bored out beneath. 

Apple juice
 Elevenses at Paramount you can make a reservation here, what a great venue for breakfast or afternoon tea. We just had drinks and some rather nice french fries with salt and pepper octopus.


Keep ’em clean
We like a nice bathroom!

The view down Oxford Street from the 32nd floor bar. On leaving we popped up to the viewing gallery, which was empty.

Paramount viewing gallery 33rd floor Centrepoint, W1
Views from the 360 degree viewing gallery.

BT Tower
Soho Square
Crossrail site
Viewing gallery
St Giles in the Fields Church with the green roof.
St Giles in the Fields Church which is next to the lovely Phoenix Community Gardens always worth a look in and a haven in the middle of the bustling West End and in front of a tiny playground where I used to spend hours swinging Erbie as a baby.

Enjoying the scenery
Denmark Street.
You can see Denmark Street here, or Tin Pan Alley as it is called locally, famous for it’s guitar shops in the middle here. And looking further afield you can see the London Eye on the Thames.

The London Eye on the Thames in the distance.
The eco friendly, award winning office buildings of Central St. Giles completed in May 2010 at the cost of 450 million you can see the living roof on the main section and roof garden behind.

Central St. Giles
Central St. Giles
If you look past Central St. Giles you are able to see the City and the Shard to the right.

City and Shard.
Tottenham Court Road.
And my favourite place - Bedford Square, in Bloomsbury behind Tottenham Court Road, with the 1930’s Senate Building (part of the University of London).

Bedford Square

1930’s Senate building
Looking North towards Camden up Tottenham Court Road you can see the BT tower to the left and the light green University College Hospital (UCH) on Euston Road, to the right, which incidentally also has good views, (from the oncology floor although I hope you’re never in a position to see them.)

BT Tower, UCH, BFI building on Gresse Street in the foreground.

Centrepoint WC1

Centrepoint was also famous for it’s sterling work in helping homeless young people off the street. You can get involved, find out what they’re about or even donate here.  £12 will sponsor a room for a night.

Food for thought
All photos taken on rather shabby  Blackberry and © WEM - Sara Hodgkinson.


Lady Lilith said...

Neat views. They are so unique and amazing.

Helena Halme said...

Fantastic views - I didn't know you could go up there! Thanks for letting us know.

Have you read the book Deep Shelter by Oliver Harris? It's set in the tunnels below London but Centre Point building features in the book as does most of London underground stations. It's a really interesting read when you live in London, and I'm sure even more so if you don't.

I've got a half-finished manuscript set in Marylebone, which I must dig out and finish. One day...


westendmum said...

You're too good, I've just ordered it as my holiday page turner!

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