Sunday, 21 October 2012

Musings of an idiot.

Why would anyone not have brown sauce in a sausage sandwich, a bit rich coming from someone who was vegetarian for over 20 years.

No, not that kind of musing, more family orientated, as I have a couple of opinions that would be much better kept to myself but if I don’t air them somewhere they’ll slip out at a gathering after one too many pinot noirs, so air them  I will.

Which brings me to my first subject, the word ‘fart’.  I loathe the word, hate is too strong, but it wasn’t likely to slip out in regular conversation (couldn’t help myself there) so wasn’t really a niggle, until that is I had a small boy and ensuing grandparents, now I hear it almost weekly. I can’t bring myself to use the word and thankfully on an early reading of Roald Dahl discovered and happily stole, ‘whizzpop’ which myself and Erbie now use. I can’t stop the Belle Mere saying it though, which brings me right around to my next subject.

The dear old Belle Mere. Things have been tough on our side of the family to say the least but now I cannot help but feel sorry for the old bag. All she ever wanted was a nice big house to host visiting family, a daughter-in-law,  grandchildren that could speak her mother tongue and perhaps even a friendly relationship with the father of her children. Well she has that all now in spades. Her ex regularly stays over, she has a new daughter-in-law with small baby in tow and her son living with her, she even got invited to the wedding - well she had to, seeing as it was held at her house.

And do you know why she has all she ever wished for? Because her eldest son is terminally ill and she is his primary carer.  Be careful what you wish for, very careful, because you usually get it, just not quite how you’d planned.

I can’t really say much more about it because it is truly awful for everyone involved. Up until recently that is where we were spending our weekends but this weekend the Belle Mere has taken a well-deserved break in Devon and The GR on seeing his older brother’s latest incarnation brought about by new smart drugs earlier in the week, has suggested Erbie and I stay away for everyone’s sake.

And as to the opening paragraph on brown sauce with sausages I take it all back, tomato sauce and English mustard is equally as good.

Health and happiness, health and happiness.



Anonymous said...

You're blogging again! I had missed you. I'm sorry to hear about the GR's brother. Shall catch up properly and try and comment more soon but wanted to say hello again and welcome back!

Betty M said...

Welcome back to blogging. The situation with the GR's brother is so sad. We had a similar situation with my brother in law. I feel for all of you.

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