Sunday, 21 October 2012

Good websites for children Age 3-4-5

Although I know we would all joyfully spend our time making cupcakes and doing finger-painting with our little darlings, sometimes the internet helps. Over time Erbie and I have found some entertaining and sometimes even educational sites.
He has had a lot of fun on these:
  1. a great site, which is multi-lingual, has lots of counting exercises, join the dots, tidy the toys, catching fish, songs, hours of fun.
  2. has a games section which is educational and passes the time - I loved Peep on the telly, especially as it is narrated by Joan Cusack who I also love.
  3. is okay if you go to the Duplo section there is an interactive picture and musical game, also the minifigures games are good to play together, don't leave them usupervised on his site though as some of the things are for older children.
    Some of the children's tv sites are not too bad:
  8. we love the series and books but the site can be quite frustrating especially the catching germs game - you have been warned.
  9. the puzzle games are simple for young ones and you can watch clips.
  10. loads of stuff to do but sadly some of it won't run on my ancient laptop.
  11. make masks with little Miss Scary and print out.
Do let me know any other good ones you may have found.

I'm all for a little lightly supervised online playing, Erbie learnt his phonectic and normal alphabet from copying songs on youtube. I don't leave him on youtube unsupervised, even with the safety lock on we seem to get inapproprpriate ads flashing up, not that he takes any notice but all the same.

Erbie has started collecting Moshi monsters already (more to do with his adult relatives really) but is joyfully unaware of the website, yet. Now he has started school I'm sure that will all change soon as will he. My how quickly they grow.


Victoria said...

Thanks for these links. We've played a few little play and learn games on PBS kids site (American) but that's about it. And Ruby would love to do a little more computer stuff. Small doses is the way forward otherwise it becomes another thing to discuss and negotiate on! Hope you had a good weekend.

Mo said...

They all look like a lot of fun for the wee ones

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