Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Forget Me Nots

Yesterday would have been my mum’s birthday, sadly she died of a heart attack before Erbie was born. As she had been a lover of nature and all things flora and fauna I though it would be a good day to visit the allotment, of which I have been a little remiss of late. To my great joy I found it carpeted in forget-me-nots and a tuft of primroses and violets had burst through in my woodland section.

Primroses and violets
It was a gloriously sunny Spring day, perfect for digging. I managed to clear 3 beds, put up a beech wigwam ready for beans and sweetpeas, trim back the privet and gather myself a bunch of forget-me-knots to bring home before the school run.

I treated myself to a half bottle of champagne and had a glass whilst Erbie was in the bath. I've decided it is good to drink champagne on the birthdays of those who are not with us - to remind us to drink it on the birthdays of those that are.

Forget-me-nots from the allots.

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Anonymous said...

I love this. Thanks for posting. Just popping out to buy champagne.

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