Monday, 7 May 2012

French hot chocolate

What do I crave on yet another wet morning in May? Something to transport me, why a french breakfast of course. Not a grown up version with freshly baked croissants and sharp espresso, no mes enfants, a steaming bowl of hot chocolate, crusty baguette and Bon Maman strawberry jam.

One of the most popular brands of breakfast hot chocolate in France is Banania another Nesquick, but it was Banania I was after, with it's super cheery packaging and promise of energy giving properites. I tell TheGR of my desire and he profferes that any house with a box of banana chocolate milkshake mix has to be a house of happiness, I'm sold.

I find some at the online provider of fine french foods: and indeed one click plus delivery charge and it arrived by courier tout suite.

A big box of it, with this lovely chap on the front. It mixed into perfectly sweet hot chocolate and whilst I drank a steaming mug of it, the rain and the broken heating and the faulty kettle all melted away. Y'a bon! All I need now is the bowl...

or perhaps a vintage sign.

or a tray - French ebay is my huitre!


Victoria said...

You just reminded me that I forgot the hot chocolate powder in my morning shop! Still I think this week the kids will want only ice pops.

I love hot hicolste. My favourite is the very thick Spanish/Mexican kind that you can stand a spoon up in and dip churros in for breakfast. Delicious. No calories at all of course!

Not slurring just yet, but made my correction!! Thanks. Enjoy your happy hot chocolate this week.

teawithonesugarplease said...

This month and last month has been perfect hot chocolate drinking...I've never heard of this drink before but will give it a go :-)

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