Friday, 26 August 2011

Things to do - London Motor Museum

Is it or isn’t it?

When I heard about the London Motor Museum, I had to go check it out as Erbie is car mad and well, cars are cool (coming from a non-driving, car free family). It’s situated in North London, just off the North circular past the NescafĂ© factory, smell the coffee and you are almost there. It is a bit tricky to get to, at the end of what appears to be a dead end road but you’ll know when you’ve found it as there is a monster truck driving over a police car on the lawn out front and a van covered in mirror tiles. [I’ll show the pictures!]

Lets go mummy...

Could this be Herbie?

Could this really be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,
next to Harry Potter’s Ford Anglia?

Could this be Lady Penelope’s?


Starsky and Hutch’s Gran Torino?

007’s Lotus Esprit?

The Dukes of Hazzard,
1969 Dodge Charger – The General Lee?

Koo, koo!
Well, no one is saying they ARE the originals –
but who cares.

So, to the real cars:

Ahhh, an E-Type Jaguar.

Some nice ones with stripes...

I’m a girl, I can’t say I know what make they are.

But they are very pretty.

Some badge close-ups:
Challenger, Chevrolet, Dodge, Camaro.

This one matched my outfit.

A Rolls Royce Corniche.

And this one had to be my favourite, a vintage 50’s Porsche.

There were lots of cars to look at, but it wasn’t so vast as to be overwhelming. Erbie loved it, I loved it and we managed to get 2 for 1 adult, on the ticket price with a little internet voucher searching beforehand.

I thoroughly recommend it!


teawithonesugarplease said...

That sounds like a super day out and hasn't Erbie grown up!

Nobody Girl said...

Wow Erbie is so grown up now! Looks like a great musuem, my husband would love it!

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