Friday, 24 September 2010

French Enamel

Gate - Somewhere in North London

I have always really like blue French enamel door numbers and have recently noticed a high proportion of houses around here already have them. So it’s true, Erbie is destined to grow up a middle class mummies boy, could be worse I suppose.

If you too would like to have an authentic blue French enamel door number without traversing the Channel I found some here at Willow and Stone.


£8 per number


Victoria said...

I have one of these on our house. Its a vintage one, bought here in NL. No. 36.

teawithonesugarplease said...

I have always loved the blue - it will go really well with my yellow winter pansies - at the mo I have brown numbers on a brown board - not a good look if you are trying to find me

westendmum said...

Well, we already knew you had impeccable taste.

We too have brown numbers on a brown door but it's a communal door, so I'm not sure if I can change it.

Anonymous said...

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