Sunday, 29 August 2010


After a couple of weeks of mail still arriving for the Belle Mere I texted to asking if I may have a forwarding address:
‘With pleasure.’ came the reply. ‘When can I see Erbie?’
So, no address and a request to see her grandson even though she had still had no communication with her own son. Having spent half of the year on awkward visitations in order to rest our flat from her, and having now got it, I no longer had to play the game. So I texted a reply:
‘When you and The GR (obviously I used The GR’s real name) sort yourselves out’.
To which I got an immediate phone call in a pleading voice saying: ‘What have I done now?’
‘You haven’t done anything Belle Mere.’ I said. (obviously not saying, Belle Mere I used her christian name). ‘You haven’t spoken to The GR for over a year. Talk to him.’
And, I’m not proud to admit it, I put the phone down on the woman.
I felt guilty for doing so and after a while texted an apology and urged her to get in touch with her son saying I couldn’t be in the middle any longer.
I got a rather curt reply saying, in her defence she was rather expecting a thank you.
I rest my case m’lord.
The GR is still in an apocalyptic rage with her for choosing investment over family but hopefully it will subside over time. He encountered her in the local super market the other day, just catching sight of her as she scuttled away in the opposite direction - not the actions of someone who believes they are in the right.
They say time is a great healer. I know this to be true, but the Belle Mere doesn’t have that much time – she is in her 70’s already.


teawithonesugarplease said...

Its amazing how BM is still so strong headed - can she not see that she will have a really lonely life with no family if she carries on like that (even though you are near neighbours). Hope you have changed the locks or at least added a new one just in case.....

Anonymous said...
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goonerjamie said...

It must be awful to be constantly stuck in the middle of any family argument. I recommend Pinot Noir to cope.

Anonymous said...
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